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Clock Mechanisms

Our mechanisms are designed to drive faultlessly, in all weather conditions, every minute, day and year.

We have a range of different models which are matched to dial sizes and uses. Slip rings for illumination of the hands, control systems for automated time changes and solar charging are just a few of the features we offer that make our products world class.

How are they built?

Our standard electrically driven mechanisms are, quite simply, built to last. All parts are machined to fine tolerances from non-ferrous metals used throughout. For added protection, each pre-wired mechanism is housed in an IP rated enclosure and supplied with dedicated leads for easy installation.



Dial diameters


CL50 300 to 760mm Battery only. Requires a cover glass
CL100 300 to 760mm Mains, 12v or Solar
CL100-SH 300 to 760mm Seconds hand
CL200 300 to 1220mm Mains, 12v or Solar
CL300 1220 to 1800mm Mains, 12v or Solar
CL400 1500 to 2440mm Mains or 12v
CL400-SH 1500 to 2440mm Seconds hand
CL400-MH 1500 to 2440mm Month hand
CL500 1220 to 4000mm 12v
CL500-S 1220 to 4000mm Slip rings for hand illumination
CL500-F 1220 to 4000mm Bearings and clutch for Floral Clocks
CL700 over 4000mm 12v

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